Product performance

Ingerdients of the latest scintific and technological formula: specially ai med at carbon depositon removal at the intake valve of direct injection engines. Safe formula no corrosion and no damage: The formula is safe, does not cause corrosion to engine parts and does not damage body parts. Fully wetting softening and effciently decomposing carbon deposition to the intake calce and other parts. At the same time, the high-effciency dispersane disperses and decomposes the stubborn carbon deposition into extremely small particles, Residual substances are completelu discharged: Carbon deposition decomposed into fine particles is wrapped by cleaning agent and is converted in tail gas for discharge after being burnt together in the combustion chamber, which does not affect the normal operation of the engine Equipment to be used together: Cooperate with special equipment to ensure fast and safe cleaning process and high cleaning effciency . Deep cleaning: After many strict experiments and comparisons, it is harmless to clean the carbon deposit on the intake valve with high effciency,


This product is only used for petrol engines, with special equiment, and only for professional maintenance personnel. Refer to the equipment, and only for professional maintenance personnel , Refer to the equioment maual for the usage method and precautions of special equipment.